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R2-D2 Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series - Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

New, 1 In stock
$270.00 $269.99
New, 1 In stock
$270.00 $269.99
  • Description

    A reliable and versatile astromech droid, R2-D2 has served Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker, showing great bravery in rescuing his masters and their friends from many perils. A skilled starship mechanic and fighter pilot's assistant, he has an unlikely but enduring friendship with the fussy protocol droid C-3PO.


    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Sideshow and Hot Toys is pleased to officially introduce a series of Star Wars collectibles based on this landmark film for fans! 


    The R2-D2 Sixth Scale Collectible Figure is skillfully crafted with a diecast metal dome, a highly detailed mechanical construction body with openable panels and a retractable middle leg, weathered paint application, an array of accessories including a pair of rocket thrusters, a tether cable for recreating the scene when R2-D2 fixes C-3PO, a collection of attachable mechanical arms and tools, as well as a specially designed commemorative packaging.


    Don’t miss the opportunity to pair R2-D2 with the C-3PO sixth scale figure in your Star Wars collection today!



    Star Wars


    Hot Toys


    Sixth Scale Figure


    Sci-fi Pop Culture


    The R2-D2 Sixth Scale Figure features:


    Authentic and detailed likeness of R2-D2 in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

    Meticulously crafted diecast metal dome features 360° horizontal spin design

    Skillfully applied with realistic weathering effects 

    Screen-accurate mechanical construction with 10 points of articulations

    Approximately 18cm tall

    Remote controlled LED light-up functions (8 sets of LED light-up points, battery operated)

    Remote controlled sound effect function featuring 14 iconic R2-D2 sounds (battery operated)

    One (1) pair of articulated terrain tread legs

    One (1) articulated and retractable center tread leg

    One (1) extending periscope

    Openable panels 

    Special package design with Star Wars: Attack of the Clones 20th Anniversary logo 



    One (1) C-3PO mechanical head with LED light-up function (yellow light, battery operated)  

    One (1) pair of rocket thrusters for flight mode with two (2) real-like thruster fire effects

    Thirteen (13) pieces of arms (some equipped with magnetic function):  

    One (1) tether cable

    One (1) life-form scanner

    One (1) computer terminal arm

    Two (2) lock pick arms

    One (1) repair arm

    Two (2) multi-function utility and interface arms

    One (1) pair of computer interface arms

    One (1) utility arm

    One (1) utility saw

    One (1) universal computer interface arm

    One (1) infrared remote control for R2-D2’s sound effect and LED light-up functions (battery operated)

    One (1) specially designed figure stand

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