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Luke Skywalker Bespin DX Series - Star Wars: The Empire Strike Back

Available Friday, December 29 2023
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New, 1 left
$285.00 $284.99
  • Description

    After seeing a vision of his friends in distress, Luke Skywalker is determined to save them despite cutting his training short against Jedi™ Master Yoda’s™ wishes. The young Skywalker raced to Cloud City on Bespin™ where Darth Vader™ awaited, hoping to capture Luke and bring him to the Emperor…


    Continuing to expand the extraordinary collectible series, Sideshow and Hot Toys is pleased to officially introduce the new sixth scale collectible figure of Luke Skywalker in his Bespin attire!


    The highly-accurate collectible figure is meticulously crafted based on Luke Skywalker’s appearance in the movie. It features a head sculpt with remarkable likeness and separate rolling eyeballs, two styles of interchangeable hair sculptures, finely tailored outfit, a LED light-up lightsaber, an interchangeable lightsaber blade emulating the weapon in motion, a blaster, and a carbon-freezing chamber themed base!


    Don’t pass up on the opportunity to add this iconic Luke Skywalker collectible figure to your collection today.



    Star Wars


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    Sixth Scale Figure


    Sci-fi Pop Culture


    The Luke Skywalker (Bespin) Sixth Scale Figure features:


    Authentic and detailed likeness of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

    One (1) newly painted head sculpt with separate rolling eyeballs features

    Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed skin texture

    Newly developed brown hair sculpture with magnetic features

    Body with over 30 points of articulations

    Approximately 28 cm tall

    Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable hands including:

    One (1) pair of hands for holding lightsaber

    One (1) pair of gestured hand

    One (1) left fist

    One (1) open left hand

    One (1) right hand for blaster pistol holding

    Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted



    One (1) tan colored jacket with pockets

    One (1) pair of tan-colored pants

    One (1) brown-colored utility belt with blaster holster

    One (1) pair of beige-colored boots



    One (1) LED-lighted blue lightsaber (blue light, battery operated)

    One (1) lightsaber hilt

    One (1) blue-colored blade in motion (attachable to the hilt)

    One (1) blaster pistol



    One (1) specially designed carbon-freezing chamber themed base with character name and LED light-up function (orange light, battery operated)

  • Details
    Series Name: Star Wars
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